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Available for privates? Yes - Stunting

Jennings started his cheer career at Tallahassee Community College after studying abroad in Czech Republic and learning parkour in his free time. Cheerleading was an outlet for him to continue learning tumbling and be near his favorite sports. His coach at TCC was also the Co-ed coach at Florida State University, where he cheered for the next three years.

In college, he also coached at TCC for a year, as well as at Cheer Nation Athletics for 3 years as a tumbling, Co-ed stunting, and conditioning coach. Jennings also competed for Cheer Nation Athletics in the open division. 

Jennings graduated with a Finance Degree from FSU and decided to follow his childhood dream of becoming a superhero in a Marvel or DC movie and/or TV show, and now works as a Actor and Fitness Model in NYC!

Fun Facts: His first name is just the letter S.  He speaks Czech and is relearning to speak Spanish!