World Cup grew out of the Pop Warner success of mother–daughter team Elaine Pascale and Joelle Antico. For many years, Pascale served as coach of the local Pop Warner team that her younger daughter Janee had joined. Eventually, the family moved to Freehold, New Jersey, where Pascale found herself coaching a Pop Warner midget squad. By this time Antico was attending Penn State and would come home on weekends to assist her mother with the team. In 1992, the pair won their first Pop Warner National Championship.

The transition from Pop Warner to all stars was not a big leap for Pascale and Antico. After the national win and with the Pop Warner season over, a small group of their students and parents persuaded them to start a competition squad, and the World Cup All Stars were born.

In 1994, with a dream by Elaine Pascale to provide a place for cheerleaders who wish to compete. With the help of her daughter Joelle Antico, "the mother-daughter team" has grown World Cup and consists of OVER 20 TEAMS and 35 staff members in their Freehold, NJ location. They believe in one simple philosophy, FAMILY FIRST! World Cup prides itself on providing a home for any athlete regardless of age and ability, they have a team for everyone. 

World Cup has been in existence since 1994. World Cup All-Stars is the home of:
v     Shooting Stars, 4-time World Champions - Large Senior Level 5 division. 
v     Starlites, 2-time World Champions - Large Junior Level 5 division. 
v     Odyssey, 2008 World’s Bronze Medalists - Large Senior Limited Co-ed. 
v     Twinkles, top Youth Level 5 team in the country! 

World Cup believes in teaching strong values, good sportsmanship and giving positive praise in a disciplined structured environment. With our exceptional coaching staff we pride ourselves in teaching skills necessary for everyone to obtain high competitive goals.

At World Cup we know we can offer our athletes  the best facilities, coaching, and team options in a competitive and caring environment. We also offer opportunities and pathways in the world of All Star cheerleading that other people simply can't. Wearing the World Cup name, really does get you in the game!

We also have so many opportunities for our athletes to attend the most premier competitions in the World, including the USASF World Championships, with 6 eligible Senior Level 5 teams who can earn full-paid bids. 

Our younger teams have amazing opportunities too. Our Twinkles (Youth 5) and Starlites (Junior 5) are reigning NCA National champions, the biggest competition in the world! Starlites were also invited to (and won!) the Spirit Unlimited Future 5 competition. In fact all of our teams get the opportunity to compete for National Champion titles throughout the season at great events that we hand-pick to give our athletes the best experience possible.

With over 40 teams of all age-groups and levels, we know we can offer every athlete the right option for their skill-level and development. We also pride ourselves on having the best coaching staff around who can help every athlete realize their potential and give every team the tools to be champions.

If you are looking for an option with less time, travel and financial commitments, World Cup has the right opportunity for you too, with our new Limited travel teams starting in 2014! All of that while being part of one of the most prestigious, recognized and respected organizations in all of cheerleading!

So, with so many opportunities that other programs simply can't offer to cheer athletes, how could you not want to be a part of World Cup All Stars?!