Rommel Osuna

Rommel Osuna 

Privates: yes must schedule in person 

College: Rutgers 07'

Major: exercise science 

Cheered for Rutgers Co-Ed 03'-04'-05'-06'

All-Stars: Cheer Academy 02' and 03'

Coached for: 13 yrs

Coached @ WC: 6 yrs 

Stars 2015: Worlds Camp 

Range of levels at WC: 1-5 tumbling 

Outside of WC: I am a state correction officer and a Drill Sgt for the Army Reserve 

Kids: expecting one (girl...a Star in the making) 

Anything else to know about me: 

I've been in the serves for 13 yrs 

Love coffee (medium hot lite and sweet)

And Reese white chocolate