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Introducing Cheer Fundamentals

Introductory Class to Cheer- 

FUNdamentals is the first stop for those who are interested in cheer. The goal of the class is to develop the foundation of cheer. At World Cup, our focus is to welcome new athletes to make friends, feel safe, and most IMPORTANTLY have fun. This Program was developed by USASF non non-competitive, technique-centered progression path for first-time cheer athletes. 

2023-2024 Classes will be offered on Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm

Fall&Winter, Spring & Summer with three age groups in each class

with a showcase each session. 

Girls and boys must be at **least 3 years old 

Age Groups are

Ages 3-5

Ages -6-8

Ages 9-12

The Class will follow the All-Star FUNdamentals curriculum and they will work 

on specific skills in the following areas such as motions/dance, jumps, stunting, tumbling, transitions/formations, and conditioning. 


Black Top Black shorts for classes 

World Cup T-Shirt – *t-shirt and Bow 

For showcase ( included in the price) 

Fall/Winter Session November 1st  2023 – January 31st 2024

12 weeks – No classes on November 22nd and December 27th 

Recital on February 7th  

Spring Session 2024 -12 Weeks 

February 21st 2024 – May 22nd  2024

May 29th 

$240w/t-shirt and bow 

*two installments 

Registration one-time fee per year * ( $60 )

** Payments due on November 1st **

Please scroll all the way down for Class Requirements, Goals, and Class Descriptions

Spring Classes 2023

No need to sign up – all classes are drop-in


Stretch and flexibility with Coach Weston 7:00-7:30 $10

All Level Tumbling With Coach Eric 7:30-8:30 $15


Tuck class with Coach Eric 6:00-6:45 $15

Cheer Fundamentals with Coach Amy: 7:00 pm-8:00 pm


All-Level Tumbling with Coach Eric: 6:00 pm-7:00 pm  $15  

Class Descriptions

All Level Tumbling

All-level tumbling class is structured to focus on basic skill development, and athletes progress through levels at their individual skills progression. The curriculum is designed to create physically and technically strong athletes that can perform a wide range of tumbling skills.  All level Tumbling classes are open to team athletes and non-team athletes at World Cup Kansas City.

Jump Class

Cheer Jumps are a skill required for competitive cheer. To look great and score well, cheerleaders must perform jumps with profound technique from the moment they explode off of the ground all the way through to a stable and controlled landing. Jump class is designed to focus on all aspects of the jump from take-off to landing. The jump class will work on hip flexor strength, core strength, jump flexibility, and overall technique. The jump class is open to team athletes and non-team athletes at World Cup Kansas City.

Strength & Conditioning

This class is designed to increase physical strength through non-weight-bearing and resistance exercises. All major muscle groups are worked from head to toe. We finish with core training and stretching for a complete workout. The Strength and Conditioning class is open to team athletes and non-team athletes at World Cup Kansas City.

Just Stretch

This is a class that works for all muscle groups in slow stretches and breathing exercises. Stretching your body to become more flexible offers many physical benefits. Such training allows for easier and deeper movements while building strength and stability. Stretching your muscles and joints also leads to a greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility.

Stunt Class

This is a group Stunting class designed for flyers, bases, and back spots. Athletes will learn a variety of transitions and skills to improve their overall stunting ability.

Class Requirements & Goals

Tiny Tumble (ages 4-8)

-no skill required

-Class Goals: working on all fundamentals of tumbling (forward and backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, bridge kick-over)

Walkovers and more 

-Skills required: forward and backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, bridge kick over 

-Class Goals: working on front/back walkovers, switches, valdez, back extension roll, round offs 

Intro to back handsprings 

-Skills required: multiple front and back walkovers, round off 

-Class Goals: working on proper form of entries/landings in a standing back handspring and a round-off back handspring

Advanced 2

-Skills required: standing back handspring and round off back handspring

-Class Goals: working on connections and specialties from running and standing (multiples, step-outs, front walkover through, bounders, back walkover back handspring, Valdez back handspring)

 Tucks & Aerials

-Skills required: standing 3 back handsprings, running specialty to round off back handspring (front walkover through/bounder through/round off multiple back handsprings) 

-Class Goals: working on all forms of tucks(round off back handspring tuck, standing tucks, standing 1 or 2 back handsprings to tuck, punch front, front handspring front, aerials, jumps to standing)

Flipping 4

-Skills required: standing 3 back handsprings,  running specialty to tuck(front walkover through / aerial through / punch front stop to tuck) 

-Class Goals: working on all level 4 skills(layouts, punch front step outs, whip connections, standings, jumps to tuck) 


-Skills required: standing tuck, standings to a tuck, running specialty to layout(punch front step out through or a whip connection)

-Class Goals: working on all forms of twisting from standing or running. (fulls, doubles, Arabians, layout half step-outs, one-and-a-half step-outs, whip punches, standing full) 

All level 

-no skills required

-Class Goals: athletes are able to work on their skills on the floor or with available equipment, skill progression will be determined by the class instructor

High School Athletes Tumble

-High School athletes only

-no skill required

-Class Goals: Open to all high school athletes looking to work on their skills

Open Gym

-no skills required

-Class Goals: open gym is a non-structured, supervised class, athletes can tumble/ stunt on the floor or use the equipment to work on their skills. An instructor will be there to help guide and give assistance if needed.

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