We have a regular schedule of tumbling classes that are open to the public as well as our member athletes.

Classes are run by our experienced and qualified coaches and we offer different levels to cater for all athletes from absolute beginners to elite tumblers. They offer an excellent opportunity for affordable, additional training for Rec, School or All-Star cheerleaders as well as those from other sports/activities (e.g dance) who wish to improve their tumbling skills in a safe and supervised environment.

Freehold Fall Tumbling Class Schedule


  • 10:45 am Stretch Class with Stephanie 


  • 5:00 pm Tucks and Up with Rommel and Joe $15

  • 5:00 pm Flight School with Christian and Andy $20

  • 5:15 pm Jumps Class with Jen $20


  • 5:00 pm Tumble Class with Jeshua and Christine $15

  • 7:00 pm Stretch Class with Stephanie $20


  • 5:00 pm Tumble Class with Kenny and Christine $15

  • 5:00 pm Flyer Stretch Class with Andy $20


  • 5:00 Tiny Tumble with Christine $15

  • 5:00 Cheer Fit Class with Christian $20

  • 5:00 pm Tumble Class with Dan $15

  • 8:00 pm Tumble Class with Gleen $15


  • 12-2 pm Open Gym with Jeshua $20

*Open Gym is an open work out where athletes can utilize the gym and equipment under limited supervision from the coaches. Athletes may ask for assistance, but there is no structured curriculum.