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Who We Are

Established in 1994, World Cup is one of the most decorated and successful cheerleading gyms in the industry. Our athletes are passionate and our families are extremely supportive. World Cup embraces the spirit of athletes that need a safe and competitive environment.

World Cup All-Stars is the home of:

The Beginning

World Cup grew from the Pop Warner success of mother–daughter team Elaine Pascale and Joelle Antico. For many years, Pascale served as coach of the local Pop Warner team that her younger daughter Janee had joined. In 1992, the family moved to Freehold, New Jersey, where Pascale found herself coaching a Pop Warner midget squad with the assistance of her eldest daughter Joelle. That year, they won the National Championship! After the national win, a small group of their students and parents persuaded them to start a competition squad, and the World Cup All Stars were born. In 1994, the gym was officially established.

World Cup has now grown to 5 locations and OVER 40 teams! They believe in one simple philosophy, FAMILY FIRST! World Cup prides itself on providing a home for any athlete regardless of age and ability, there is a team for everyone.

Our Mission

World Cup strives to provide a safe, fun, and competitive space for all cheerleaders to thrive and attain their goals!


  • joelle-antico-bio-img

    Elaine Pascale

  • elaine-pascale-bio-img

    Joelle Antico

  • janee-pascale-bio-img

    Janee Pascale

Location Managers

  • kerri-huber-bio-img

    Kerri Huber
    Easton Manager

  • ashley-panaia-bio-img

    Ashley Panaia
    Scranton Manager

  • nancy-diScipio-bio-img

    Nancy DiScipio
    Connecticut Manager

  • pam-puckett-bio-img

    Pam Puckett
    Ohio Manager

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