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Saturday January 13th 4:30-6:30

Get ready for the BATTLE OF THE YEAR! The choice is yours…are you Team Lauren, Team Morgan, Team Mookie, Team Dominique or Team Stephanie? Your team will be you alliance. Your alliance will battle it out in fun games, challenges and trivia to see who will be crowned the 2024 COACHES CLASH SUPREME CHAMPION! Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram to see what these coaches have up their sleeves…

Preregistration required. Go to the Parent Portal to register.

Tumble University

February 19th

Back Walkovers 1pm-2pm

Back Handsprings 2pm-3pm

Tucks & Up 3pm-4pm

Tumble University ( is the premier tumbling education company whose mission is to increase access to high-quality tumbling. They offer athlete clinics, coaches clinics, online tumbling courses, and much more! 

The Tumble University Coach who will be coming to visit World Cup is Coach Cedric. He competed as a level 10 gymnast and has coached tumbling for 16 years. 

Checkout @tumbleuniversity (
@coach.cedric (
on Instagram for more info

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